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Solar Learning Videos

A video compilation to help you better understand solar power. The video guides include how solar works, how to make solar power, how to make solar panels and how to install solar panels.

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How Solar Power Works

This one-minute video from the US Department of Energy describes how a solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. Distributed energy, such as solar, refers to power-generating technologies that are placed at or near where the energy is consumed.

How to Make Solar Panels

This 5-minute video, broadcast by the Discovery Channel, describes how solar panels are produced.

Short History of Solar Panels

This 1-minute video describes the history of solar panels, their maintenance and reliability.

How to Install Solar Panels

A 3-minute video about a professional solar installation for a home.

Solar Installation Basics

This 1-hour video was presented by a solar panel installer to Google employees in September 2007. Many of the figures are out-of-date, especially since solar prices have declined by 70% or more, but the video provides a good primer about the basics of solar panels for your home or business.

Solar Panel Installation Testing

This 5-minute video describes how to test a solar panel before installation. Basically, the video tells you to test all solar panels before hauling them up to the roof. Also, a big caution that solar panels have live voltage when exposed to any sunlight.

Home Solar Kit Installation

This 4 minute video from SunWize provides real customer case testimonials about how easy it is to make power with DIY home solar kits.

DIY Solar Panel Training

This 5 minute video from Harbor Freight reviews the basic components needed for solar starter kits.

How to Install a Solar Attic Fan

This 6-minute video from Ask This Old House provides a practical look at installing a solar attic fan. This low cost solution is a great way to make your home more energy efficient. It will NOT provide power for your home, but it will cool your attic or crawl space by 20 to 30 degrees, and therefore you will use less electricity to run your air conditioning.

How to Install a Solar Attic Fan

Another good 6-minute video about installing a solar powered attic fan. This one replaces the existing attic vent with a fan that is powered by a small solar panel on the roof.

5 Cheap ways to Go Solar

A quick 2-minute video covers solar water heating, attic fans, chargers, skylights and outdoor lights. One note, the video describes costs that are already out of date to install solar panels for your home. Today's costs are $5,000 to $25,000 for the typical solar home.

Solar Power in the USA

This 8 minute report about the solar industry was produced by the PBS Newshour. Despite the dis-information from the paid anti-solar lobbyist, the fact is that solar power is less expensive than traditional dirty coal or oil fossil fuel power.

How Solar Panels Make a Difference

This 8 minute promotional video by Trina Solar features actor and philanthropist Patrick Dempsey discussing the benefits of affordable solar panels around the Earth. Out world is electric, and everybody needs a chance to plug in.

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