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SunPower Equinox Solar Panel System

Equinox is a PV system designed and engineered by SunPower. The Equinox system includes solar panels, micro-inverters, EnergyLink monitoring, and InvisiMount rooftop racks. This set-up is no better than any of the hundreds of packages available from FreeCleanSolar, but costs 40% more. The over-priced Equinox system from SunPower costs about $35,000, or $5.00 per watt, for the average 7kW system. The same or better performance is available for around $21,000, or below $3.00 per watt here. Either way, you qualify for 30% tax credits, lifetime support, and up to 30 year warranty. If you want high-quality solar equipment for the lowest cost, then don't pay more than you have to.

Sunpower Equinox systems are only available for purchase with installation by authorized dealers. They are NOT sold separately. Compare real-world Sunpower pricing

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Sunpower Equinox Features

SunPower claims the X-Series solar panel delivers 44% more power per panel. However this is misleading because they compare the Sunpower 345 watt panel to a competing 240 watt panel. Their pitch is that you can create more power in smaller spaces, with fewer panels. This may be true for limited spaces, however Sunpower products are typically twice as expensive as other solar panels. Yet they are not likely to produce double the power.

Get the facts about the highest efficiency Sunpower panels compared to other top quality PV modules. You can have the same power for half the cost. Yes, other solar panels cost 50% less than the Sunpower X20 and X21 panels. Follow these links for reviews and to see actual costs of Sunpower X Series. Sunpower X20 250 | Sunpower X21 345 | Sunpower X21 335 |

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