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Zep Solar Mounting

Zep Solar was acquired by SolarCity in 2013. Zep mounting products and Zep-compatible solar modules are no longer available to the general public. Zep mounting products are only available through SolarCity, now Testa Energy. Zep compatible PV modules were available from top-tier companies like Sharp, Yingli, Trina, Canadian, BenQ, Hanwha and Suniva. Zep Solar mounting components for composition shingle, tile, flat or low slope, and all types of metal roofs. Zep Solar manufacturers PV system mounting and grounding hardware and licenses its patented Zep Groove technology to top-tier solar panel companies.

The ZEP COMPATIBLE SOLAR PANEL mounting platform drastically reduces the cost and complexity of designing, shipping, warehousing and installing PV systems. Zep Solar, Inc. was founded in 2009 by PV industry veterans to advance the adoption of solar energy through well designed PV mounting and grounding products.

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QuickMount PV E-Mount 9x12 Clear, QMSE IronRidge FlashFoot2 Solar Roof Anchor FM-FF2-001 Mill finish IronRidge FlashFoot2 Solar Roof Anchor FM-FF2-001-B Black finish
QuickMount PV E-Mount 9x12 Clear
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Your Price: $15.00

IronRidge FlashFoot2 Solar Roof Anchor 4 pack Mill
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Your Price: $60.00
IronRidge FlashFoot2 Solar Roof Anchor 4 pack Black
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Your Price: $75.00



Zep Solar Mounting Product Lineup

Zep Solar offers the fastest and least expensive way to mount PV arrays on all types of roofs. Using quarter-turn, rock-in, and drop-in connections, Zep eliminates the need for rails and separate grounding hardware while offering a superior aesthetic approach. The key benefit of Zep mounting is real labor savings compared to conventional mounting systems. The structural connections are auto grounding, eliminating the need for separate grounding hardware. The hyper-bonded grounding matrix offers the safest, most reliable way to ground PV arrays.

The Zep product family includes:

  • ZS Comp for composition or asphalt shingle roofs
  • ZS Aero for low slope and flat roofs
  • ZS Span for rail-based installations
  • ZS Tile for spanish, ceramic, clay or concrete tile roofs
  • ZS Seam for standing seam metal roofs
  • ZS Trap for trapeziodal metal roofs
  • ZS Wave for corrugated roofs

Zep Mounting Video

Watch this 4 minute video for an overview of Zep mounting installation

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